What not to do

Too often, businesses invest in a website and leave it static. It’s the equivalent of planting seeds but not watering them. A website that just sits there not only wastes your money but also robs you of the chance to boost profits, reduce costs and win new business.

Visitor engagement

Customers leaving your site without doing what you want them to do is a common pitfall but rather than spending additional budget to gain more traffic, CRO focuses on increasing website conversion rates and generating more income from current users. CRO analysis can provide an upturn in results and invaluable information into your online customer trends – giving you a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ and a renewed understanding of how your customers use your site.

Conversion rate optimisation

Split-testing various features and buttons across a website, using eye-tracking technology to understand where users are (and aren’t) clicking and analysing heatmaps that provide a visual representation of where users are spending time on your site are just some of the most popular ways of increasing conversion rates. How is your website working for you?

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Crunching this valuable data can help you set marketing objectives, plan for the future, and make better business decisions. Websites need constant TLC, responding to metrics with the right content and call-to-actions in the right places. Conversion rate optimisation experts Atommedia can show you how – get in touch today for an informal chat with no obligation.

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