keyword targeting

Finding the right keywords is like search engine market research. What does your audience search for online? What problems can you help them solve? Which specific keywords could you use to help them? Targeting relevant keywords and using them naturally within your content is a major part of our approach to SEO.

Searchable shareable

Quality content and relevant keywords don’t just make your brand more searchable. They make it more shareable too. We believe social media engagement can significantly impact SEO efforts and will work with you to target specific social networks with a specific strategy. In addition to promoting your content we’ll help you start meaningful conversations with your audience and build authority in online communities.

Link building done right

While high quality highly visible content acquires links on its own manual link building still has a positive effect on your SEO. Atommedia uses diligent outreach and attention to best practises to help you build quality links over time. We never use the spammy tactics that earned so many agencies so much notoriety – ever. When we build links it’s always through content you’re proud to associate with your brand. That’s a promise.

Search engine marketing

Unlike SEO which delivers traffic over time PPC relies on pay-per-click ads to increase qualified traffic in the short term. And more qualified traffic means more qualified leads, but only if you properly optimise your ads. Our SEM approach considers PPC ad copy landing page optimisation and design attributes – literally everything you need to maximise conversions.

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