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Any internet marketing company worth its salt needs to retain a clear focus on the expression of a core idea: your brand. Connecting and engaging with people in the “real” world is what truly drives your brand and subsequently conversions; from B2B, B2C, professional services, retail etc; it’s about showing your audience that you care about outcomes. And in everything we do – from blogging to building links – it’s always through content you’re proud to associate with your brand. That’s a promise.

Internet marketing Preston

The underlying principle of internet marketing success in the modern era is through compelling content which Google simply craves. This strategy is now commonly dubbed ‘content marketing’ – also known as inbound marketing – which is a hugely effective strategy in bringing visitors to your site through engaging content rather than dragging them in kicking and screaming with a hard sell.

Scaling up

Content is the glue in an integrated strategy, but away from your own website, we’re constantly encouraging our clients to scale up and think bigger. In an age where multiple platforms are available to showcase your brand, why rely on a stand-alone website? We treat each client on their own merits but where possible, we look to create an internet presence that will rival all of your competitors and ultimately usurp them.

Let’s get started

We appreciate that every single client is different; from small independent start-ups to global chains, and that’s why we undertake a full consultation of your current web presence and your competitors to help us mould that killer strategy. If you’re looking for an internet marketing Preston or Lancashire agency to help increase your web presence, our expert team at Atommedia can show you how.

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