The content fuss

Content is what brings users to a site, what engages them, what keeps them there, and what brings them back for more. It can help you create authority within your sector – something we’ve done and are currently doing for a number of clients – in tandem with social media strategies. Together they help fuel high traffic levels and increased brand identity.

Designed for conversion

Creating compelling, shareable and high quality SEO content for your primary audience is what we do – and we do it for humans, not robots. It’s a long-term approach with genuine results that provide real returns on investment.

Integrated approach

Content and social has overlapped with SEO to form a three-pronged core of search marketing but there are other key areas that come into the equation. Site architecture is particularly important; you can SEO the hell out of any site but if it hasn’t been built correctly, it will ultimately fall down. Ethical link building is another key strand – in-tune with a thoroughly exhaustive content strategy that helps create links naturally.

Let’s get started

Finally, conversion rate optimisation also comes into play and means we never rest on our laurels through actively split-testing, analysing and scrutinising your campaign to make it as efficient as it can be. If you think we might be a good fit for your SEM Manchester requirements, contact us today or send a brief with all the details. There’s absolutely no obligation

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