As your online marketing and sales tool, not only should your website reflect what you do and who you are, it also needs to take into account the needs of your audience, which may well have changed since you first built or last updated your current site. Rather than running through the entire list of elements you need to stay abreast of, here is a very quick summary of the main points you need to review before making a decision to upgrade or change your website completely.

1. Is your site design technically as up to date as todays audience? Many websites were designed and launched some years back and simply are not built with todays tech needs in mind. Nowadays, all websites need to be compatible not only with the latest browsers and larger, high definition screens but must also recognise that a large proportion of users will be viewing the site from mobiles or tablets. Ensuring that your site is built for these devices and their browsers is no longer an optional extra but a primary requirement to avoid alienating a huge slice of your potential customer base.

2. Does your website communicate well with your audience? In todays connected world, your visibility and the key messages you want to push need to leverage the social media explosion we’ve been experiencing for the past few years. With audiences hungry for information using a variety of platforms to follow information, grab the back stories on their products or services of interest and also search for recommendation (and rejection) before making a buying decision, it is really important that you don’t ignore this element and if needed seek advice on how best to implement and manage this key channel.

3. Does your website still represent who you are and what you have to say? It is all too easy to populate your website with content and imagery and then simply leave it alone for far too long. Equally, especially if you have competitors who are always on the ball as far as look, user interface design  and the very latest news feeds and updates are concerned, a static approach to updating your online can leave you looking very dated, very quickly.

If you take a hard and objective look at these three questions, you should be able to arrive at a solid conclusion with only the minimum of research. Checking out what your competitors are doing is one of the easiest ways to challenge your current online thinking as it will quickly show who is leading the pack and set a benchmark which you need to set as your ground zero. Also, why not speak to the experts and arrange for a review of your current offering – here at Atommedia, we not only have the expertise across a huge range of market sectors but also can provide the very latest website designs fully purposed for today’s audiences. Why not give us a call and see what we can do together – it’s completely without obligation and we really don’t bite!!!


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